1 April 2010

On this day (April 1st)....................

April 1st 2009.

Another Crossbill shot from the park near my apartment last year, this one looks like a first winter male. Still no Crossbills to report in 2010. I looked back on my old notes and discovered that over the years on several occasions they appeared first in April, stayed a couple of weeks and then disappeared again. Fingers crossed this year will see something similar.

It's raining outside and has been all day, you never know there may be Crossbills sheltering in the park ready for me to find tomorrow morning when the rain will hopefully have stopped.



  1. Nice crossbill photo. It's also raining here and the blossoms look so dull. I'm really hoping for clear weather now.

    PS. I saw your comment in my blog that you've never taken photos of Pale Thrush before, is it scarce in Hokkaido?

  2. I have seen no Crossbil in this hear.

  3. Hi martesorex, it's strange, there were so many Crossbills the last 2 winters but this winter................none at all.

    Hi Unravel, no not really rare. Pale Thrush pass through Hakodate in May/October but are so skulking and shy they are very hard to photograph.

  4. on this day 10 years ago, your brother got married..

    hope you're well,

  5. Happy anniversary, wow 10 years ago..........


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