15 April 2010

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Feeding Goldcrest

April 15th 2008.

A Goldcrest feeding in some trees near my flat. A common winter visitor and passage migrant in Hakodate, this is one of many species that is the same as back in the UK. Tricky little blighters to get a photo of mind you.



  1. Sharp and beautiful.
    I can just about understand why it is tough one to photograph. It must be like the SL White-eye.

    Some interesting comments by Mr. Boycott about the England team (towards the end of this:

    I must say I fully agree with him. He surely must be in BNP!

  2. Hi Gallicissa, actually they're even trickier than White-eyes.......

    I agree with him too. Strauss/Prior who came to the UK as young kids, are OK, they grew up in England, have English accents and are to all intents and purposes English.

    Pietersen and Trott are both clearly South African though (though both have English ancestry). If they didn't come from another test playing country it would be better........still which country wouldn't turn down the chance of having Pietersen in their side?

  3. Hi Stu,
    Wow that's a shot man... As you said they are quite tricky to observe and take picture of them is a nightmare. Over here they are really hard to get... Your picture is just perfect, sharp and bright and without any branches in between. Well done.

  4. You have probably heard how scarce they are now in UK - I haven't seen one for months. Nice to reaquaint with your excellent photo. As you say, they never keep still.

  5. Great shot Stu. Goldcrest are wonderful little birds. Always look forward to seeing them when I'm in the UK.

  6. I agree with both Chris and Phil, I haven't seen one for a long time.

    I think Liverpool have an outside chance of 4th spot. Not sure what the run in is but with United this weekend and Villa and Spurs at home and Arsenal away I'm not sure we'll pick to many points up.


  7. Nah Derek, of City screw up Spurs will still finish ahead of Liverpool. I can't see Liverpool winning their last 4 games. N'gog up front against Chelsea plus a couple of teams fighting for their life at the bottom. Nah.

    Didn't know Goldcrests had become so scarce in the UK.

  8. Beautiful shot and a beautiful bird. Looks very similiar to our Golden Crowned Kinglet.


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