19 April 2010

New car & old birds..........

So our new car came, unfortunately the weather was lousy on Sunday. Dark and rainy, we managed to get to Onuma and the tame Tits and Nuthatches were present and still hanging around waiting to be fed.

In the 5 weeks since we'd last had a car Onuma has completely thawed. Summer returnees included Moorhens, Coots and lots of Little Grebes........

The first Asian House Martin and Black Faced Bunting were also present but aside form those this was the most interesting bird of the day.

A young Bewicks Swan I think. Much less yellow on the bill than a Whoopers Swan and a shortish neck too. Onuma has a big flock of Whoopers every winter (they have all gone now) but this is the first time I've seen a Bewicks in south Hokkaido..............

Looks like an interesting end to the footy season. Why didn't Liverpool try to buy N'Zogbia, Bale or Dawson instead of some of the other crap they've bought in recent seasons?

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  1. Good to hear you have a new car Stu - no stopping you now. You may have noticed I can't get shots of Little Grebe and certainly none approaching your own.

  2. Hi Stu,
    First congrats on the new car and I hope the weather will improve so that you can drive kilometres to see birds ;-)
    And them congrats on the bewick's swan... There is one over here too at the moment but this happens rarely...
    I love the varied tit a lot and your picture is just perfect, just as the one of the nuthatch and marsh tit... How come you got this nice varied tit!! Is it an endemic species???

  3. Great tit and nuthatch photos. I've never seen either of those.

  4. Hi, thanks for all your comments.

    Chris-Varied Tits are endemic to East Asia, don't think you'll be getting any your way.........sorry!

    Jason-it's only a little second-hand Nissan!

  5. that varied tit photo is great. nice colours.

    happy birding,

  6. The Little Grebe looks beautiful in its breeding plumage.
    I've yet to get a shot of this species in close range. They always dive away too soon...


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