2 January 2016

New Year in Yakumo #1

A Mountain Hawk Eagle in Yakumo yesterday...............

We spent New Years day in Yakumo and in fact we stayed the night in a cheao business hotel. Every time we decide to stay in Yakumo the weather is awful and this time was no exception..............

There were a lot of eagles but in the gloomy light they were difficult to photograph. I wanted some pics of them feeding, they are very skittish when on the ground.

This one actually stuck around................

But a lot of standard BIFs as per usual........

Local birders are more interested in scarcer species such as the Hawk Eagle. It was difficult to get a clear view of as it sat in the tree though.

It kept getting buzzed by the local crows and jays,it's obviously a lot more dangerous than the big sluggish Sea Eagles. the crows went crazy when a Goshawk flew over at the rivermouth, it was too far off for anything than a record shot though............

Other stuff around yesterday included a drake Smew and a flock of Siskin but it was a pretty quiet day except for the raptors. Just before sunset we got close to this eagle, shame about the branches in the way.


  1. A wonderful selection of raptors, well worth hanging around in the snow for.

    1. Thanks Derek, actually it started raining (!) today

  2. Great bunch of raptors, despite the lousy weather. Don't you Hokkaido residents have some sort of legal entitlement to 100% snow in January ?


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