3 January 2016

New Year in Yakumo #2

A Stellers Sea Eagle in Yakumo yesterday morning.

So we stayed overnight in Yakumo so I could have a try at the eagles in the early morning. We needn't have bothered, it was raining for starters (not snowing or even sleeting)and the eagles were not feeding in any places where they could have been photographed.

The hotel where we stayed had 2 problems. Firstly it stank of stale tobacco smoke.As an ex-smoker I'm perhaps a tad oversensitive to that particular smell but it was really quite foul. When I broke wind the smell of the room improved dramatically, albeit for only a short time. Also the person in the next room was singing all night. WTF?

This eagle was perched atop a conifer and as it took off I fired off a burst.............

A much better angle than the my BIFs, like this one later in the morning...............

The coy eagle from yersterday was in the same tree next to the road...............


  1. Magnificent pictures, Stu. I find the smell of smoke quite aweful too. At least you mae up for it with the pictures. Happy New Year.

  2. That first series is splendid. I hate stale smoke. It is vile.

    1. I can stand a little bit but this was really bad............

  3. Those eagles are so spectacular. Too bad about the abysmal accommodation.

  4. Happy New Year ! I'll never tire of SSEs !


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