29 March 2012


Today saw clear blue skies and a strong (SW) wind that was bracing rather than freezing. I took the tram down to Irifune to check on the Brent Geese which are always very active at this time of year just before they head north.

There were about 40 or 50 of them, in 2 or 3 loose flocks.

I was trying for BIFs today...........

It is a very photogenic species and appears to be unusually tame here in south Hokkaido, many of these shots are hardly cropped at all.

It was very windy actually and after a couple of hours I'd had enough, hopefully they'll stick around for another week or 2.

Nothing much else about, a few Red Breasted Merganser, Harlequin Duck, Glaucous Gull.........the last few days in town have been very quiet, a female Sparrowhawk and a Goosander a couple of days ago being the only noteworthy species.

When i went to the supermarket this afternoon Trott and Patel were in and it looked like England were going to pull off an unlikely victory. When I got back Panesar was just losing his wicket.............World #1? Really?

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  1. Great flight shots, Stu! Love the sea-background. They all have great facial expressions these guys even when they're flying and they're not dainty looking.

  2. I wish I could see (and photograph) Brents like that Stu. After our winter of pinkies the Brents are just so smart - chunky and compact.

  3. Perfect birds - smart and approachable!
    Really like the tight flight groups.

  4. Looking great as usual, and finally the weather looks so good over there!

  5. Congratulations, wonderful photography!!

  6. Wonderful Stu, these brant pictures are awesome!!! I lvoe those very much and it looks like you got some sun which is nice. The brant are still not back over here, maybe in a week or two!

  7. A really great sequence of shots, Stu ! Seems it really IS spring .....

    England ? About to lose their "No.1" ranking I think !


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