25 March 2012

Another grey Sunday

A quiet Sunday here in south Hokkaido, tight finances meant we didn't want to spend a lot so we just stuck around town.

The above Whooper Swans were sitting in a snowfield in Ono. Actually it is a paddyfield, in a 6 or so weeks the farmers will be ploughing it and preparing for planting. I noticed the first Skylarks of the year in the same place and there was also a small flock of Rook.

This is amazingly difficult to photograph, they are so wary compared to the resident crow species. It is actually a fairly scarce winter visitor but as I grew up seeing loads of them in England I tend not to bother photographing them much, this BIF was the best one I could get today.

Nothing at Kamiiso apart from the common winter seaducks so I ended up in the bay area, the light was terrible. Lots more common winter water birds here. These are 2 of the more interesting ones, a Pelagic Cormorant and Red Necked Grebe.

So Liverpool's season becomes more embarrassing every fixture (Wigan?!?!).

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  1. The Whooper shot is great. Also like the rook flying. Good detail for such a dark bird. Never seen one actually. Don't know if I'd notice them from crows.

  2. Just a few days in Thailand already made me forget how it feels to be among the snow. I always looked for the Red-necked Grebe whenever I went out birding but was never lucky enough to see one. So good you're able to see them often over there!

  3. Lovely shots of the swans,but I'm not over fond of the one that looks like a snake, the Cormorant.

  4. Thanks for the comments.........

    Yes the Cormorant does look like a big wet slimy snake..........

  5. Rooks are pretty wary here too Stu, probably because they are treated as Crows and persecuted.


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