29 March 2012

On this day (March 29th)


March 29th 2010.

A Hoopoe near my apartment 2 years ago today. This species appears to be reasonably regular in early spring, this was the 3rd time I'd seen Hoopoes in south Hokkaido.........

Still snow on the ground this March and very few birds around town.........

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  1. Good photo of the Hoopoe,they all
    seem to have left our farm now,no more sightings until the 14th of
    March next year in the same place!

  2. It has certainly been strange. Was watching 7 Whooper Swans in 20 ° heat on Monday!
    Only seen one Hoopoe in Scotland in a cemetery in Dundee of all places.
    Hope the spring kicks in for you.

  3. I thought it was impressive to see it on our street but you see them in Dundee and on your own farm! Oh well.......

  4. Is that a Common Hoopoe(Upopa epeops),a species we have here too? Looks like that. Particularly beautiful birds, I really look forward to photograph one.


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