23 March 2012

On this day (March 23rd)...........

Common Crossbill

March 23rd 2009.

3 years ago there was a big influx of Common Crossbill into south Hokkaido with 4 or 5 separate flocks in Hakodate alone. One such flock was in the park near may apartment and they were pretty tame and often came to ground like these ones drinking from puddles on the road on a grey rainy day.

The male was brilliant vivid red.

Common Crossbill

I should have knelt down to get a better angle...............oh well next time next time.

Common Crossbill

2008 and 2009 were very good years for crossbills, I haven't seen any crossbills this year, there were only a few last year (2011) and none the year before (2010), this is an unpredictable species for sure.

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  1. Even the female Crossbill is beautiful, with all the subtle shades of green. Pity they're irregular for you..... it goes without saying they're unknown down here in HK.

  2. Hi John, well you don't get any Crossbills but you do get all those fantastic waders................

  3. Wow! No words will do for these photos!

  4. Both Crossbill photos are splendid,
    both male and female colours are so


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