2 March 2012

On this day (March 2nd)

Stellers Sea Eagle

March 2nd 2009.

A Stellers Sea Eagle at Rausu.

We got unlucky with the weather that day, the sea was too rough to approach the ice and feed the eagles.............this was the only bird around alas.

I vowed to go back and do the eagles justice but as things have transpired I just haven't had the chance to, time and money and the lack thereof being the main reason. Still, maybe next winter eh?

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  1. A beautiful memory of 2009 Stu. This shot is wonderful... Let's hope for enxt winter..

  2. Hi Chris. I hope I can make it the ice floes next winter...........only global warming can stop me. Or having no money.

  3. The ice floes look really forbidding in the background.

    Good luck for next year !


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