28 February 2012

So that was February...........

I sent an hour or so this morning watching a Great Egret and Grey Heron on the river near my apartment. There was another very heavy snowfall on Sunday night/Monday morning, it's really difficult to go anywhere, the snow is several feet deep and many of the places I visit or short cuts I use are buried.

I think there are 2 egrets, one a little more upstream than the other. Today's shots are the 'upstream' one.

Actually it's quite well camouflaged.........

The Heron wasn't doing much.

Other stuff around the last couple of days have been 3 Red Breasted Merganser among the commoner ducks, Peregrine, several Daurian Redstart, Long Tailed Rosefinch and significantly fewer Dusky Thrush.

February 2012, the snowiest month of my life so far. C'mon, let's have a thaw. Soon please.

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  1. Some nice exposures of white subjects. I hope March is better than feb and much better than march last year.

  2. Hi Russell, well March could hardly be worse than last year in Japan..............

  3. Beautiful photos of both birds, Stu. Oddly enough - it is raining here! Very rare for the precip to be liquid this time of year. It will all freeze during the night, so tomorrow's commute could be dicey.

  4. I don't like the sound of snow several feet deep - I think we have finished with it now. You got some good white against white pictures Stu.

  5. Beautiful post Stu... The snow is back here too but now egret or heron ;-)
    BTW, congrats for the cup ;-) At least Liverpool managed to win something this year ;-)

  6. Thanks for the comments....

    Chris.............yes it is better than nothing (but not worth staying up to watch!).


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