2 February 2012


Well there's been a lot of snow in Hakodate this last week. I haven't been out much but today the snow relented and the sun came out...........

There have been 2 Great Egrets on the river this week. This is one of them......

And this is another. I think.

It's difficult to see white birds on a bright day against snow, there was another egret right next to this one that I didn't even notice until it flew up.

Other birds this week in Hakodate have included Brown Dipper, Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk, Grey Heron, Daurian Redstart.........the usual winter stuff but still no Waxwings.

Lots of Dusky Thrush though, these were very thin on the ground until the last week or so, hundreds of them about today though it is a shy wary species that I don't often bother trying to photograph as it's so common. 3 years ago I found a Fieldfare in the Dusky Thrush flocks, no such luck today.

The Rough Legged Buzzards are still around east of Hakodate apparently, I may get a chance to see them again tomorrow or Sunday, some other local birders have been getting some nice shots of them..........

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  1. Many of your photos would make wonderful paintings.I love the two Egret shots.Fantastic!

  2. It's quite a strange winter down here since there are not so many Dusky Thrushes around. I wonder what happened to them. Nice photos of the egret as usual!

  3. The third great egret shot is especially beautiful to me. I love the curve of its neck.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Ayuwat, the cold weather will send them down south I'm sure..........

  5. Hundreds of Dusky Thrushes? Now I'm seriously peed off.


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