12 February 2012

Still snowing............

It has been snowing ALL week, Hakodate has its heaviest snowfall since 1985 and birding has been reduced to zero. The above Rough Legged Buzzard was taken over a week ago and I haven't taken a single bird picture since last weekend.

We tried to go back to the Buzzard location today but the driving blizzards prevented us from even leaving town so we headed back to the monkey hot spring.

I tried processing these in monochrome.

The end of December/start of January produced lots of BIF shots in Yakumo, here are some previously rejected ones that I didn't upload at the time.

My god it was sunny that day. And not snowing.

Blue sky!

I watched the Liverpool/Man U game last night. I don't often get hot and bothered by the footy anymore except for this fixture.................

I'm in a bit of a dilemma. New lens or new computer? My computer is 4 years old and whilst still OK for most things it has been annoyingly slow processing photos recently especially in Lightroom. I want to do all my processing in Lightroom but my 4 year old processer just can't render the images quickly, it takes 5 or 6 seconds to render one 7D RAW file. For individual files it's just about bearable but it's impossible to review and cull images quickly.

I had hoped to get a new lens this spring, I want something better than the 100-400L. Trouble is the next step up is SO expensive. Actually it is so expensive it is all but impossible. I really want a 500 f4 but the new one (which still hasn't been released) is beyond my humble means as is every Canon supertele suitable for birders. I thought about that new Sigma 120-300 f2.8 OS (which is affordable) but..................if I buy a Sigma I'll still be yearning for a better Canon lens some time down the line and to be honest I'm not convinced the Sigma will be a big enough step up from what I have now in terms of IQ and performance. Secondhand Canon? Still expensive and I'm not sure I'd be able to pay in installments (the only way I'll be able to pay).

Hope it stops snowing soon...........otherwise I'll be stuck in front of a slow computer cursing the fact lenses are so expensive and I'll never be able to afford one.

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  1. The BIF are super and the monochrome lends a lovely atmosphere to the monkeys.

    New computer is what you need. You would be even more frustrated with it if you were to get the new lens instead. My 2 cents.

  2. Hi Breathtaking, actually these ones were from today...........

    Hi Wilma, a new computer will cost a lot lot ess than a new lens so that's looking like the best choice anyway............wish I could buy both though!

  3. Some nice BiF and monkey pics there Stu...like the last one, looks like a big fish has just grabbed his *****



  4. Hi Stu,
    It was about the same here from November to end of January... It was snowing so much that any attempt to go out was making you frozen (and I don't speak about the photo gear!). But now that the snow is gone, it's rain pouring like crazy! Still if find your Monkey hot spring quite nice and interesting... The first shot if superb but the whole series is neat! I would have love to get that around when the weather was bad ;-)

  5. Brilliant action shot of the RLB Stu and the monkeys, well, you've taken some stunning photographs mate.

  6. Hey Stu if your getting those eagle images with your current lens I wouldn't worry too much. Just great(and slighly weird, in a good way! ) monkey photos. I'd like a canon 500mm- 4 grand at least - forget it.

  7. Love the facial expression of the monkeys, so funny!


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