26 February 2012

Will it ever stop f*****g snowing?

A Jay at Onuma this afternoon, as you can see it was snowing and there was a ridiculous amount of deep deep snow at Onuma meaning it was difficult to do anything between the blizzards.

The dead tree where we feed the Nuthatches is basically buried, they were still around however.

And the Ural Owl was still in its hole, showing a bit more body today.

Other birds included lots of Rook with a few Daurian Jackdaw thrown in, Pintail, Whooper Swan, Goosander, Smew, the common tits and woodpeckers and lots of Dusky Thrush.

Among all the Duskys was this individual.

A hastily grabbed and heavily cropped shot of a Naumanns Thrush, a recent split from Dusky Thrush and a lifer...............

It's still snowing outside, February 2012 has been a nightmare weather-wise.

The people who live above my apartment are absolutely doing my head in. They are so noisy, all they seem to do is stomp about and slam doors and windows all day. There are only 2 of them: a youngish mother and her son who appears to be about 8. They probably aren't bad people but my god I'm starting to hate them. Every night they bang about for hours, what the hell are they doing? We tried a nice letter to them but now I just bang on the ceiling. Sometimes that works. I would move out but the expense and hassle are too much. For now.

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  1. Great Jay photograph and good id on the Naumann's Thrush. I would have overlooked it. Raining the last week here but today between the rain we had snow. Indoors all weekend.

  2. Get your own back by cheering like a maniac when Liverpool crush Cardiff at Wembley later today.

  3. It's a 1am kick off, if I shout my sleeping wife will wake up and make my life a misery.

  4. Lovely Jay photo,and the owl is fantastic!! I guess you won't be watching the Oscars then!!:)

  5. I'm 43 years old and have never watched the Oscars in my life...........actually I'm thinking of going to bed and missing the Liverpool game, I mean it's only the Carling Cup and it'll either be a dull routine victory or an embarrassing shock defeat-do I really want to watch either outcome?

  6. Never mind, at least Liverpool won in the end !

  7. Congrats on the Naumann's Thrush! I found a few of this back in 2009 too. Hope this bird will stick around for you to get some decent shots!

  8. I don't know the answer to your I think rhetorical question but I reckon it was worth a "bit" of snow for the owl shot.

  9. Naumann's mega! The Jay is smart too - much nicer than the more southerly varieties.
    It has gone really quiet here - all the Iceland Gulls seemed to have naffed off. It was plus 10 degrees at Musselburgh today with Skylarks singing and chasing each other about!

    P.S. the 3 little kids next door seem to start rioting at about 5 a.m. so I can sympathise!

  10. Thanks for the comments. Yes the Naumanns was nice, there seems to have been a few of them around this winter in south Hokkaido (nothing else mind you).


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