17 February 2012

Dusky Thrushes

I could take my first bird photos for almost 2 weeks today, a large flock of 100 or so Dusky Thrush was feeding on the berries in the trees on a street in the middle of town.

This is a common winter visitor but they didn't arrive in any numbers until a couple of weeks ago when the weather turned nasty. I was hoping to see some vagrants with them, a Naumanns Thrush of Fieldfare perhaps but nothing doing there.

I hope they leave some food for any late Waxwings...........

A Sparrowhawk was around and spooked the thrushes several times. I was spooked too by the arrival of 2 burly men in suits. They flashed their police badges (the thrushes were across from the main Police HQ in Hakodate) and told me I had to move for 'security' reasons (I was standing in a car park used by the police apparently). I wish I could say 'oh go and catch some real criminals you corrupt incompetent idiots' but I don't know the Japanese for that so I just tutted under my breath and moved like they asked. In retrospect I'm glad my Japanese is limited sometimes...........

Nothing much else around, here's some kind of weasel a couple of days ago down the river........

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  1. This winter has been the weirdest since I've been here. There's only been a few Dusky Thrushes around. They're normally one of the most abundant birds during winter. Wondering what's happening up there in the Siberia. Super lovely shot of the weasel by the way!

  2. Hey Stu they finally caught up with you after all these years. Is right that's why you left Preston? LOL
    Superb thrush pictures in the berries. We dont have any berries left here and didn't have many anyway this winter.

  3. Shame about Hakodate 5 Oh! As you know, Dusky is mega here - the last one was seen by no one other than the finder who was a non-birder. In a complete reverse, I was looking for something like an Eye-browed in a big flock of Fieldfares!

  4. Love your Thrush shots,they look so pretty in the midst of the berries.Cute photo
    of the weasel too.

  5. Great shots, Stu. Stay out of trouble, now!

  6. Another great serie, the weasel is so cute with its pink nose ;)


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