17 February 2012

On this day (February 17th)

Long Tailed Tit

February 17th 2008.

A Long Tailed Tit near my apartment 4 years ago today. That winter there was a regular flock of this species foraging in the trees and bushes next to the river. Since that time I've seen the grand total of one LT Tit in the same area.

You have to say it's cute. Admit it.

Nothing doing this week photo-wise, nothing at all. The heavy snow finally relented from Monday but it is still lying in big piles everywhere meaning it's difficult to walk around, it's still pretty cold. There have been a few birds present: a distant adult White Tailed Eagle was a nice balcony bird on the 15th,  there have been a couple of Peregrines around, a lone flyover Great Egret, Sparrowhawk, a couple of Red Breasted Merganser well upstream near my apartment and large flocks of Dusky Thrush. Still no Waxwing though, maybe this winter will be waxwingless.

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  1. Much nicer than the UK race.
    It's been weird here, snow and down to -15 in England but up to 12 degrees at Musselburgh with Skylarks singing!
    Hope you can get out soon - like seeing good pics of smart birds.

  2. The Hokkaido subspecies is just so cute and adorable. Way much cuter than the subspecies we get in other parts of Japan. You did a great job putting this hyperactive little birds into the frame.

  3. It's a little cutie - no doubt! Love the all white face - slightly different to ours in England.

  4. Thanks for the comments, yes Hokkaido beats the rest of Japan (and also western Europe) in the cuteness of its Long Tailed Tits...............I just wish they'd stay still occasionally.


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