21 February 2012

Where are all the birds?

A Grey Heron from Onuma last Sunday, there are one or 2 tiny ice free patches at Onuma (a result of the temperature climbing above zero occasionally) and the Heron was standing in one.

There was a larger open area where the Whooper Swans and Mallards gather. In among them were several Tufted Duck and a lone male Pintail.

There were 7 Smew and 1 Goosander further away but nothing else, here's a Red Squirrel instead.

The last couple of days in Hakodate have been pretty birdless, the Red Breasted Merganser was still around as was the Sparrowhawk, the Ducky Thrush and the single Hawfinch but not much else. It's been a strange winter: very mild at first and then an extremely cold snap followed by the heaviest snow in the region for a long long time. I'm guessing the odd weather may have disrupted migration somewhat. I've given up on the Waxwings, I hope we get some winter finches in town soon.

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  1. Great shots of the ducks.It's strange how red squirrels look so different from one country to another.This one does not look at all like the ones I see in Portugal!!

  2. Love the squirrel! I can't say that it's birdless around here since there are quite a good number of birds almost everywhere but they're all just gulls, cormorants and Great Crested Grebes. It's getting kind of boring...

  3. Pintail has got to be one of the smartest ducks? Nice to see nice Grey Heron pics - an underrated bird in my opinion.

  4. Well you got some birds and a nice pintail photo ;-) Here it is also very quite. Iðve not seen too much as I'm not going out that much but the birdsites do not mention anything!

  5. I love the squirrel too. I've only ever seen a chipmunk, I think, but they called it "Lisu". Want to see a real squirrel.


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