9 March 2012

What a sh***y day that was

We spent the afternoon with the tame wildlife at Onuma.

It was one of those mornings, it happens to us all. I won't bore you with the details but I went to City Hall to do a simple procedure, I knew it would cost me but when they said I have to pay the best part of $5000 it ruined my day. Christ it has ruined the whole damn year. New lens? No chance whatsoever. New Mac to replace my creaky old one? Not much chance of that either. F**k it.

This fox struck some nice poses.

The tame forest birds were around.............

Other stuff in Onuma included Great Egret, Smew and White Tailed Eagle. I checked Kamiiso but yesterday's Red Throated Diver wasn't around, hope it is still OK. Or alive even.

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  1. 5000! What the? Horrible news.

    Tell you what though mate; those fox images are absolutely beautiful. I've never even seen a live one in the wild. I found a dead one, shot, tail removed on Tuesday and I was so angry. It's obviously a farmer, but what annoys me is the fact that they have to take the tail like a trophy. Beautiful creature.

  2. I agree,those fox images are absolutely wonderful,I think it must have been posing for you!! Your other photos are, as usual very good.Sorry about the 5000!

  3. Sorry for the bad news. At least the wildlife has been on your side. Some very beautiful shots.

  4. Hope your mood gets better soon...
    Really great photos of the fox once again!

  5. Thanks for the comments............actually after my shock yesterday I've calmed down a bit and have accepted it is what it is.

    The fox was so tame it was like photographing someone's pet dog in the local park..............

  6. Superb shots of the Fox Stu. My commiserations about the money - the politicians and their lackeys sure know how to spend our money, Japan or the UK

  7. Amazing, photography at it's best.


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