18 March 2012

B & W

A very grey dark Sunday, windy and cool. At Sawara and Shikabe there were the usual common ducks, grebes and gulls. The above immature Glaucous Gull was near a place where I got splashed with gullsh*t, a truly horrible place: a seafood processing factory where thousands of large Gulls congregate, if I was better at ID and could put up with the stink I would find some rarities I'm sure.

The female Black Woodpecker was one of 4 woodpecker species at Onuma. Other stuff here included Smew, Great Egret, White Tailed Eagle and Hawfinch. At Kamiiso there wasn't much in the harbour but there were 17 Great Egret on the river..........

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  1. The Black Woody looks great.... four species of woodpecker in a day is rather enviable, too !

  2. Excellent Black Woodpecker - top of my most wanted list.
    Gulls are good fun and practice for ID but you are right about suffering for them - I tried the local sewage works once and it was nauseating.

  3. The Black Woodpecker was such a good find,good shot.The Gull's head is a perfect study!!

  4. Thanks for the comments, yes the Black Woodpecker is one of the area's star birds.........


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