2 November 2010

Slow times

A female Harlequin Duck at Menagawa yesterday afternoon. The colourful males were well offshore unfortunately.

Well it's been a very very quiet last couple of weeks. Crappy weather when I've had free time, nice weather when I've been too busy to go out. When I've been out the only thing of any interest has been the Night Herons.................these pics were from over 10 days ago, there are only 1 or 2 left now..........

Not much else, no rarities alas. Some common Buntings moving through, the first Daurian Redstarts and a few Dusky Thrush. I haven't really felt motivated to update my blog much recently and to be honest I got a bit bored of endlessly posting Night Heron photos............

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  1. Quite but you still saw a beautiful female harlequin and a night heron, so cool in a way.... If i can see the first very easily, the second is more difficult! I hope you will see the males harlequin soon, cause they are the most beautiful ducks ever!

  2. For us in the UK, any Harlequin is a dream bird and a Night Heron is never easy to see.(no pun intended)

  3. Those image are nice, dont worry bird will come around ;)

  4. Thanks for the comments, yes they are both nice birds I know.

    October was a bit of a crappy month for many reasons, guess we all have those sometimes.............


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