24 October 2010

On this day (October 24th)....................

October 24th 2006.

Not a great photo of course but how often do you see a Dunlin running around on a picnic table next to a big ashtray?

This individual was in a big busy car park up in the hills in Shiretoko. What the hell was it doing there?

Taken with a cheap nasty compact digicam.

Very quiet in Hakodate the last week or so, nothing to photograph except Night Herons and no migrants except the ultra common ones.



  1. Hahaha that's a very nice catch Stu!
    The bird looks tiny comparing to the ashtray.

  2. Wow how funny and original this guy is!!! Yeh I know behind happy about a chaffinch can be funny, but there are usually none over here and I could see thousand in France ;-)

  3. My first impression was that of a photoshop job.
    I would have never expect this!

  4. Thanks for the comments, nope Galllcissa it wasn't photoshopped, it really was sitting on a wooden picnic table nearby a public toilet in a car park......

    Hi Chris, I was pretty happy seeing an Oystercatcher the other week!

  5. It just doesn't look right seeing a Shorebird away from the shore! ;)

  6. Nice photograph, Stu.

    Yes, both our ancestors were killed and both worked for the government.

  7. Hi,Thanks a lot for your compliment.Your photos are very nice too.I like your blog a lot...

  8. I like it. Great contrast of the subject in an extraordinary environment.


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