1 October 2010

Slow start to autumn............

A Grey Streaked Flycatcher near my apartment a few days ago. Autumn is a pleasant time in this part of the world, warm and bright and with lots of interesting birds passing through. Most of these birds flit around in the bushes however. Arctic Warbler and Asian Brown Flycatcher have been very common this last couple of weeks.........

Grey Wagtail, Common Kingfisher, Grey Heron, White Wagtail, Mallard, Pintail and Teal have been around, all birds familiar to any UK local patch watcher. More exotically I got a brief view of a young Goshawk this afternoon and of course the local Night Herons which are a photographic staple this time of year.

Their habit of hiding in the shade and undergrowth can make it difficult to get decent shots though. Very tricky to get the exposure right.

Getting a bit repetitive, sorry.............

It's been a year since I got my 7D and I've taken nearly 30,000 shots with it, I'll blame machine gunning at BIFs for that figure.

Liverpool aren't so hot but I'm kind of past caring. Let's just hope they stay competitive this season and can sort out the ownership issue once and for all.

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  1. Nice BCNH shots Stu, like the first one especially

  2. 30,000 shots, not bad mate ;-) I've been having the 50D for 8 months and just reached over 5,000 shots.... Got more selective and now got a bad infection so I cannot go out...

  3. As long as the red 'Pool don't beat the tangerine 'Pool this weekend!



  4. The first shot of the BCNH is very dramatic; looks like it should be a movie poster for an old mystery movie.

  5. Wow I really like your first pic of the night-heron. It looks very artistic and you did the exposure very well.

  6. 30,000 shots - hope they are not all on one card. I can see what you mean about getting the exposure right with light and shade Night Herons, cant be easy. Good to hear your coming back to Blighty - let me know if you fancy a few hours ringing.

  7. I got a grey streaked flycatcher today too and had a peregrine fighting with both an adult and juvi goshawks yesterday (although I didn't get any good pics because I was confused as to which one to photograph. Otherwise, a little slow but excited that autumn's starting.

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Well Davo Blackpool are 2-0 at half time and I'm not even surprised.........

  9. The red eye of the night heron is so percing in the 2nd images...its very nice :)

  10. I'm not sure I'd describe kingfishers (or even pintail or grey wagtail) as common on any patch - I've never seen the first of those in Blackpool! :P


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