10 October 2010

Lull #2

A pretty quiet week, not much to write up plus I was feeling a bit lazy. A bit repetitive, apologies for that.

Migrants continue to pass through, the above Asian Brown Flycatcher was sharing a tree with this Grey Streaked Flycatcher.

I've been checking the grass and bushes for Siberian Rubythroats but didn't find any alas. I did find a few Arctic Warblers.

The first Dusky Thrush of the season, Narcissus Flycatcher, lots of Bullheaded Shrike and a build up in duck numbers show that the season is changing although the leaves haven't really started to change colour in Hakodate yet.

We went to Onuma this afternoon, a grey rainy day much too dark for photos. I did see a Black Woodpecker and lots of Japanese Thrushes in the thinning forest, the leaves are falling here at least.

The Night Herons are still around.

This young one provided nice views from a bridge just near my flat..........

The adults were harder to photograph as always.

There were a few BIF opportunities including Grey Heron too.

Liverpool's plight is turning into a huge joke now, if they get that 9 point penalty they'll be facing a relegation dogfight for christ's sake.

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  1. Wow both the first shot of the flycatcher and the night-herons are really great. Is that the dragonfly the flycatcher's eating?

  2. You seem to have some big insects for your little flycatchers Stu. Arctic Warbler, like the overhead shot that shows the supercilium well. The Grey-streaked Flycatcher looks well in amongst the grey-green leaves too.

  3. Hi and thanks for the comments......

    Yes it was a big red dragonfly in the flycatcher's mouth............

  4. Hi Stu,
    Wow the first shot is amazing... Strangely, birds are still around here too... September has been quite mild in Iceland, and none of the birds have departed to their winter ground!

  5. Well you've come out with a pretty good collection of photos for a lazy week! :-) Good work, Stu!

  6. There are some birds passing through my area in Ohio too. I saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch here today. It was eating some seeds on the patio.

    I always enjoy seeing your photos as Hokadate was the first Japanese city I really passed through in 1953. It wasn't much in those days and like Sapporo, has probably grown by leaps and bounds.

  7. Hi Abe, actually Hakodate has changed even in the 10 years I've been living here............


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