27 September 2010


The end of September is always a quiet time for birds, just after the wader migration and just before the main movements of passerines in October. The thinning vegetation along the river has exposed quite a few Night Herons though.......

The above 2 are both young birds, there were also quite a few adults around too.

They can be quite difficult to find..............just look for that big red eye.

They seem a little lethargic, just one offering any BIF opportunities.

I had a last go at the Japanese Green Pigeon this season, despite great light I couldn't get many good shots at all. The sea was so rough and the waves so high it was very hard for them to come down and drink safely.............so only BIF shots in this case........

Here's a view at Onuma taken on my cellphone.........

The weather has finally cooled down and the first ducks of autumn have appeared; Pintail, Wigeon and Teal. Not much else around, a few things flitting around in the bushes................

If you have Delta Skymiles and want to use them don't bother. A very frustrating time was had last week as I tried in vain to book a flight back to the UK. I should start a website called 'donotflydelta.com' to make me feel better.

Why have frequent flyer programs that are impossible to use?

They offered me Tokyo to Manchester via Detroit and Atlanta for 250,000 miles.


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  1. Cracking shots Stu. I wish we could see a few more of this heron in the UK.

  2. Just got back to Beppu yesterday and thanks god it's already cool down. Nice shots of the herons again. I especially like the one showing only the bird's swollen red eyes.

  3. I love your green pigeon!! Quite but you still got quite a few nice shots ;-)

  4. Nice BIFs. I don't have any BIFs of our green pigeons. Pretty capture of Onuma!

  5. Air Miles ? All the schemes are incomprehensible to me, a bit like the exotic charging scales my mobile phone company endlessly texts me
    about !

    Liverpool... mmmm... fingers crossed.


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