7 September 2010

On this day (September 7th)....................

September 7th 2008.

Wood Sandpiper on one of the local beaches just east of Hakodate. It was sharing the beach with a couple of Lesser Sand Plovers. An odd bird to see on the beach, I usually see them in ricefields or at least a little inland..............



  1. Perfect shot Stu. Absolutely everything there. I'd love to take that picture.

  2. As you are used to, this images very nice and well composed ;)

  3. I agree that it's quite strange to see this bird at the beach. They seem to love freshwater more...

  4. Thanks for the comments, thanks for not mentioning the clumsily cloned bottom left hand corner of this image too...........!

    I was lucky to get so close to it, normally a very shy species.....


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