11 September 2010

On this day (September 11th)....................

September 11th 2009.

Ruff on the beach at Kamiso. The 2009 wader season was especially good at Kamiso, this Ruff was pretty tame and was hanging out with 2 Bar Tailed Godwits.



  1. You got a nice picture of this Ruff. I was in Sapporo from the Fall (October) to the Spring (around May) and then moved south to Honshu, near Sendai. All the time I was in Hokkaido, on camp and sometimes in town in Sapporo, I never saw a bird. I suppose they were around and all over the place but not where I happened to be.

    Your bird photograph is something to see. I admire you and the variety of birds you get to photograph.

  2. Stu I could watch Ruff all day long. Not yer average wader, just so elegant. Good shot as ever.

  3. Hi Phil, yes I miss how common Ruffs are back in Lancashire, I only see the occasional individuals here in Hokkaido.......


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