10 September 2010

Groundhog day

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living life like Bill Murray on 'Groundhog Day'. This September feels eerily similar to every other recent September; I take pics of Red Necked Stints, I listen to construction noise (they still haven't finished that stupid new house next door), I watch England play surprisingly well and Liverpool start poorly.............or maybe I'm in a coma and this is some kind of mental limbo like 'Life on Mars'

There weren't as many Mongolian Plovers as this last year though.........

A pretty cute bird even when eating worms...............

A slow wader day today, although I did meet someone who said he'd seen a Curlew Sandpiper a few miles up the beach (a bird not on my Hakodate list yet).

Apart from the above Plover the only shorebirds I saw were 1 Grey Tailed Tattler, 1 Common Sandpiper and 3 Red Necked Stint.

They foraged around in the flotsam eating various bugs and wormy type things.

In previous years wader passage generally peaked in the second week of September but maybe the hot weather this year is playing havoc with migration patterns. It wasn't so hot this week (only about 27 or 28 today) and the nights have become tolerably comfortable ast last.

Other stuff around included Night Heron, Kingfisher and this Great Egret.

Nearer home Asian Brown Flycatcher and Eastern Crowned Warbler have been passing through.

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  1. Again lovely photos of the stint and plover!
    I'll have to look out for waders when I'm back in Japan next month.

  2. You nailed the Mongolian Plover with the running shots Stu. I hate to use the word "cute" but i think it really applies to that bird.

  3. Thanks for the comments, yes I usually have an aversion to the word 'cute' too but...................Mongolian Plovers look cute.


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