14 September 2010

Green Day

A male Japanese Green Pigeon on Sunday afternoon at Shikabe. It's been a few weeks since we went to the beach where they come down to drink seawater, it had been sunny in the morning but by the afternoon it was overcast meaning no nice BIF shots.

Migration is in evidence on the river near my apartment. Lots of birds flitting around in the vegetation, there could be anything there. Common stuff like Japanese White-eye and Black Faced Bunting. A few Arctic Warbler too (they always come after the Eastern Crowned Warblers which passed through a couple of weeks ago) and lots of Flycatcher.

This is a Grey Streaked Flycatcher.

And this is an Asian Brown Flycatcher.

I'm determined to get a shot of a Sooty Flycatcher this autumn but first I've actually got to find and ID one.................

The usual wader species were around at the weekend. Sanderling, Common Sandpiper, Red Necked Stint and Mongolian Plover.......

This is a flock of Mongolian Plover at Shikabe.

Other local bloggers have posted photos of Red Necked Pharalope (on the beach at Kamiiso, how many times have I been there this season?!?), Temincks Stint (several),  Pectoral Sandpiper, Broad Billed Sandpiper and Long Toed Stint............all I seem to get are lots and lots of Red Necked Stints........

I have 2 more chances in Kamiiso this week, hopefully I'll find something interesting...........

I watched 'Four Lions' last night which was pretty funny but utterly impossible to explain to the people I teach here.

Liverpool didn't lose at least, another draw on Sunday at Man Utd would be acceptable.

It's still pretty hot and the construction noise is still annoying the hell out of me. Forget roll on autumn, I say roll on winter..........

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  1. Wonderful Images,loved your Green Pigeon shots.
    My vote and winner is your Red Necked Stint.

  2. Nice photos of the pigeons again, Stu!
    I've yet to see the Grey-streaked Flycatcher. Hope to find one this season. The brown flycatchers are arriving Thailand as well. I just saw a Dark-sided Flycatcher last weekend. Hope you'll find something interesting at Kamiiso!

  3. What a funny looking pigeon! Great serie as usual ;)

  4. I'm already a fan of the Green Pigeon Stu, but now you have added Grey-streaked Flycatcher. Do you get Spotted Fly as well?

  5. Thanks for the comments. Phil-no Spotted Flycatcher this far east although I have actually seen 7 species of Flycatcher in Hakodate......

  6. The only Green Pigeon I've encountered was in the form of peregrine leftovers at the foot of the Niigata Prefectural Office. They look very attractive complete. Love the environment in which you got them too.


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