4 September 2010

Hottest ever......

Well it's officially the hottest summer in Japan since records began. It was too hot for any birding the last few days plus on my only day off it rained all day.

This morning I got up early to watch England beat Bulgaria 4-0 (!) and took advantage of the fact I was up early to go to Kamiiso before the temperature started rising.

We just missed this Osprey diving and catching a fish. I did well to jump out of the car, get my camera and get any shots at all actually. This one could have been a real keeper if it been in focus.............

Dunno what kind of fish it was................

Not much else about, several Common Sandpiper, lots of Night Heron still, a lone Greenshank and 5 or 6 Red Necked Stint on the beach.

Truth be told I'm tired of the hot weather but it's set to continue for a while apparently. At least when we go out in the car it has aircon.............

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  1. Wow, congratulations! The pictures are wonderful!

  2. Hmm...good that I'm still in Thailand, though it rains almost everyday but that makes it cooler than the sunny Japan. Great shots of the Osprey again by the way!

  3. Fabulous action shots of the Osprey Stu. I wish we had a few moree locally instead of having to journey up to Scotland where we don't necessarily get briliant views as most nests have to be kept secret and the popular, honey pot sites are long distance viewing.

  4. Great serie, i never get tired of ospery images! Its hot here two, one of the hottest ever!

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    Phil- I can recall going to Loch Garten many times in the late 70's during family trips to Scotland and my only ever sighting was of a white blob (the female's head I guess) on a distant tree through the reserve's powerful scope. I went back in the mid 80's and finally saw a flying bird away from the nest.......

  6. Wonderful osprey action shots! Hmmn, may have to trade in my D300. haven't been birding in Japan for months in this heat. I'm waiting for October.


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