30 August 2010

More Waders #3

A Greenshank on the beach at Kamiiso this morning. It was uncomfortably hot again today, I got heat rash and sunburn and gave up around midday..............it's now late evening and there is a spectacular thunderstorm going on outside.

The Greenshank was the most interesting species, I don't see them so often in Hakodate (they're common elsewhere near here, especially Yakumo).

I was mostly shooting into the sun so not a vintage day for pictures.

There was a group of 3 Ruddy Turnstones pecking around some weird green thing on the beach.

The 5 Terek Sandpiper were still around and still very shy, the Red Necked Stint flock fell from 21 yesterday to only 11 today. Lots of Night Herons and also the inevitable Ospreys........

So that should be about that for August, I can't recall a hotter month in the 10 summers I've been in Hokkaido. Although the storm has cooled things down a bit the forecast still says around 30 degrees tomorrow...................roll on autumn.

Still, this hot as hell weather means I feel less guilty cracking open a cold beer in the evening. In fact I think I'll go the fridge right now.

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  1. Grrrrrrrrr I'm terribly jealous of your osprey flying shots ;-) I'd love to make some ;-)

  2. The first shot of the Osprey is so good! Nice blue sky plus close and sharp object, excellent. The photos of the two waders are also great as usual. That strange green object looks kinda like some kind of vegetable.

  3. But what kind of vegetable? Something from the sea perhaps? God knows.............there was also a small kind of dead shark on the beach in amongst the usual PET bottles and beer cans.......

  4. Beautiful shots, that osprey is great. After a 2-3 day cool spell we got warm again, too. I'll take the heat for a while longer; I am sure not ready for autumn yet!

  5. I'm feeling a bit greem myself after seeing yet more of your Osprey pictures Stu. Also, over here Greenshanks are The most unapproachable waders. Keep em coming Stu.

  6. Excellent shots. I'd love to spend a few weeks photographing the pipers out there. Well done!!


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