27 August 2010

More waders...............

A Dunlin on the beach in Kamiiso this morning, wader season 2010 continues.............

Dunlin is not as common as back in the UK and I generally only see the odd 1 or 2 mixed in with the more common Red Necked Stints. This one was pretty tame today.

I was trying for running wader shots again today.

I'll get the hang of it eventually.

There was also a lone Lesser Sand (Mongolian) Plover.

And 11 Red Necked Stint too.............

And lots of Night Herons again.........

Just listening to England f**k it up in the cricket, Liverpool won't finish anywhere near the top 4 this season and next week England play some Euro qualifiers (way too soon after the torture of the summer)................

Here's a wobbly handheld video of today's waders.

August Shorebirds from Stuart Price on Vimeo.

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  1. I'm Amazed to see that you've dunlin, as we also do have them ;-) The plover is beautiful and I've never seent aht one. Same thing with the stint. you got really nice pictures. Well done, but the running waders are gonna be hard to get ;-)

  2. Great series of images Stu, I'd be more excited to see the sandplover and stints though!

  3. brilliant shots of the waders Stu. I absolutely love them. RNS more common than Dunlin? Wow. Nicely captured plover shots too.

  4. Good stuff here, Stu. Somehow all the shots very intimate and personal, almost like portraits.

  5. Wow Love these young waders, especially the last Red-necked Stint, its peachy colour on the breast and back really suit the pinkish shell it's staring at. The dunlin also seems to be so tame. Wish I have a chance to see autumn waders in October.


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