21 August 2010

Ospreys and Night Herons

One of 3 Ospreys hunting at the river mouth at Kamiiso on Friday.

I was looking for more waders but the only ones I found flew off before I could even ID them let alone take a picture. The beach where the Stints usually are has been cleaned up meaning there is no detritus for them to hide in anymore.......

I think the Ospreys were this year's young, judging by their hunting technique anyway. Many times they plunged into the sea and got nothing except wet feathers. I hope their parents are still around to feed them or else they'll go hungry.

Here's one with a view of Hakodate in the background.

It was hot and sunny again and I got sunburnt..............

My best Osprey shots to date.

Also around were lots of Night Heron.

There must have been over 50 of them and I witnessed most of them arrive, they'll probably hang around for a few weeks before they head south.

Not much else around, the first Mallard of the autumn, a lone Little Egret, a few small migrants flitting around in the bushes (probably Japanese Bush Warbler).........

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  1. Hi Stu, great images here. I love the osprey image where we see the city in the background it add's a story to the photo ;)

  2. Wow the osprey series is splendid Stu... I'd love to see one like this one day!
    I hope to see the night heron during my holidays in France!

  3. Congratulations on these great shots of the Ospreys! The first one is definitely a first-year bird.

  4. Thanks for the comments, hopefully I can catch them again before they head south for the winter........

  5. Brill pictures there Stu. The Ospreys especially are phenomenal.

  6. Great BIFs. How I would love to capture Osprey like you have!


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