2 August 2010

Fallow days

I'm recycling some more Red Necked Stint shots from last autumn (2009), these ones have never seen the light of day (or rather never been posted on the internet).

Not much else happening at the moment.

From around the 3rd week of August until the middle of September they are very common and can be seen even on very small unpromising beaches.

They love feeding (drinking?) from upturned shells, you have to admit it's cute.

In the meantime it's still rather hot and they are still nowhere near finishing that goddamn new house next door (they wake me up every morning at 7.45am).

I watched 'A Cock and Bull Story' (the whole thing on youtube no less, a bit of an odd one), Predators (crap but entertaining) and 'RocknRolla' (also crap but enjoyable). I have all episodes of 'The Thick of It' to work my way through next (a show that completely bypassed me out here on the edge of the world).

I watched a jerky poor quality feed of England's victory against Pakistan. Looks like Liverpool will be owned by a rich Chinaman and staffed by premier league journeymen with (effectively) a caretaker manager. They'll finish higher than last season though.............

The waders will arrive when the footy season kicks off. Until then for both it's just memories of last season..........

Nowt much locally, on the river I saw a few Grey Wagtail and the usual common summer stuff: Red Cheeked Starling, Bullheaded Shrike, Oriental Reed Warbler etc.............nothing posing for the camera.

Hopefully I'll have something new to post soon..........

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  1. Hi Stu,
    yes you're right these pictures are nice and the attitude of these birds quite cool. I hope you will see them soon and get some 2010 pictures. Concerning Liverpool I hope you're right but look at Manchester City.... Still not doing that good although the recruitment this year was incredible...

  2. These stints are so cute!
    Interesting that they're all juvenile, similar to the tattlers that pass through Beppu in autumn.

  3. Hi Chris, yes I'm sure Man City will be challenging for the title this year.......

    Hi Unravel, the adults should be passing through pretty shortly, the much tamer juveniles tend to come 2 or so weeks later................

  4. Those stints again. With luck I might see A Little Stint soon but not in the numbers that you obviously get red-necks. Keep the pics coming now you are up and about.

  5. Hi Phil, I once saw about 40 Little Stint on the Ribble at Penwortham, must have been in about 1983 or something, other than that they always seemed to be in ones or twos.

    Here they are are the 'default' small wader, much like Dunlin in the UK and are always the most numerous shorebird especially in autumn.......


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