25 August 2010

On this day (August 25th....................

Black Throated Diver

August 25th 2006.

A blurry out of focus Black Throated Diver at Kamiso. I think I saw this individual several times that year, I was very surprised to find it in August in full summer plumage.

This was taken with my ancient digiscoping set-up, this would have made a really nice shot if i'd had a DSLR as it was pretty tame.



  1. Wow I like this pic! It shows the greenish gloss on the bird's throat very well pointing out that it's the Eastern subspecies. Hope to see a loon in breeding plumage soon. I roughly have just a year left in Japan.

  2. This is the only one in summer plumage I've managed so far.............

    Only another year? Hope you can make it up to Hokkaido again here before you leave.......

  3. Well see, you maybe do not have red-throated or great northern in breeding plumage, but you have this one, I don't ;-) I find the pictures beautiful and i'm not that sure it is out of focus!

  4. It looks so 2006. ;)
    Yep, you could done a better job using your dSLR set up.


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