4 August 2010

So I was bored...........

I was bored yesterday so I made some of these flight sequence collages of the local eagles from last winter..........................

I use AV mode (Aperture Priority) and because the exposure isn't locked pictures from the same burst have slightly different exposures, I've tried to correct it but you can probably notice the sky colour isn't exactly consistent.

The 7D is a great BIF camera, I will try this in M mode next year and try and lock the exposure so all the shots in one burst have the same colour background............

Amazing all the stuff Photoshop can do, all I really use it for is sharpening, shadows and highlights and cloning/healing away twigs and stuff.

Today was packed with many minor frustrations; transferring money to a bank account that I later found out had been decativated, burning a DVD-DL disk and trying to install something on an old computer that I later discovered doesn't recognise DVD-DLs, trying to connect an external DVD writer to said computer and funding one of the pins in the adapter is broken rendering it useless, going to a camera shop on impulse to buy a lens only to find said lens wasn't in stock..............aaaarghhhhhhhhh.

But having said all that it isn't so often you get to grip a nice firm  homo sausage in one's sweaty palm.

The funniest name of any processed seafood snack in the world I'd venture.

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  1. Some great work with Photoshop Stu. I dont think the sausage would make Tesco's or anywhere else in PC Britain but you could try to corner the niche market from over there.

  2. Wahahahahahahahahahaha my friend what happened !

    But I like your collages kekeke so nice wish I have Photoshop installed in my Mac :( the price a bit expensive ...

  3. Hi Jason, you can buy Photoshop Elements pretty cheaply and it does most of what Photoshop CS5 can do (I'm sure you can make the same kind of collage with Elements).

    There are various ways to get Photoshop for cheaper (legal) or even free ( of course illegal), let google be your friend there......

    Picasa (google's free photo software) has a very basic collage function too and I'm sure lots of other free apps have similar capabilities.....

  4. Great montage, the second one is great work!

  5. Hahaha Homo Sausage! How could they come up with that name!
    All the flight shots look great after processed, especially the first one.

  6. Troubles don't singly come...
    I bet you swore like a sailor with at each of those disappointments. :) SCE is such an amazing bird!


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