28 July 2010

Changes afoot

Changes are afoot. In my foot that is. The gout appears to be in retreat although it's still a bit sore and twingy. Hopefully I'll be up and about by the weekend.

The above Red Necked Stints were from last autumn, in a week or 2 the first passage waders of the autumn will hopefully be appearing on the local beaches and I'll be in good enough condition to walk out to meet them..........

I have been really bored stuck in the house for the last 17 or so days. It's hot and humid outside (and inside too: no aircon up here in Hokkaido in regular apartments), the hammering/sawing/drilling continues outside my window...............sorry I'm repeating myself so I'll stop.

I made this short 'movie', a compilation of videos from the first half of 2010 with my 7D.



  1. You keep reminding me that I am yet to see a Red-necked Stint. Wish you a speedy recovery!

    Here's some OZ humour to put a smile in your face...

  2. Hi Galllcissa, that was pretty funny!

    My cousins in Australia used to catch cane toads in a small fishing net and then bash them to bits with a cricket bat. Er, there isn't much else to do for kids in FNQ..........

  3. No air conditioning on Hokkaido where you live? That is a shame, Stu. It gets hot there or did when I was there in 1953. It also got cold and the blizzards were frequent. I really liked Sapporo back then. A friendly place. I wish I had a camera then that took good pictures.

    I like the bird photographs you have posted today. Did they come from your archive?

  4. Hi Abe, yes the Stints (Peeps in the US) were from last year.

    It gets really hot here only for a few weeks (not like the rest of Japan where its very hot for a few months) so most folk don't bother with aircon, offices and shops usually have it though.

    It does get pretty cold in winter, in private residences we may skimp on aircon but nobody in Hokkaido skimps on heaters............

  5. Good video compilation Stu. Glad to hear you are nearly up and about but that will teach you not to get too involved with footy.

  6. Hope you'll recover very soon!
    Nice compilation of the videos...I especially like the Ural Owl!

  7. Thanks for the comments, I've been able to go out the last couple of days actually but absolutely no birds about whatsoever..........

  8. Love the video, you are a great videographer! I really really need to upgrade to a 7d soon so i can do video to :)


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