4 July 2010

Japanese Green Pigeon

We returned to the beach where we'd seen the Japanese Green Pigeon last week and I fired off lots and lots of shots.

The weather was lousy with mist and drizzle but in the late afternoon the sun came out for a brief time and that was when I could take some OK shots.

I find BIF shots of fast flying birds against a white sky very tricky, most of the earlier shots were underexposed and full of noise. Like this one...............

The beach was full of loose rocks and proved tricky to walk on, it also stank of rotting something or other and was full of horribly creepy looking bugs running around.

The Pigeons breed in the forested uplands but come to the shore to drink seawater, apparently to aid digestion..............

I didn't get many shots on the ground............

As you can see they are a quite stunning bird. Shame they are so jumpy.................

They'll be around for another couple of months, time to brush up on my BIF techniques.

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Not much else around, the usual birds in the ricefields and Onuma but nothing posing for the camera. Well that's not strictly true. My wife asked me to take a snap of a cow and on looking at the image on my computer I was somewhat surprised to see a Cattle Egret standing under the udder.......................

I watched 'Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll' last week, the movie based on the life of Ian Dury. Not bad actually, I'm now awaiting '4 Lions' with some anticipation....................


  1. Great pigeon shots Stu! Looking forward to seeingsome green pigeon sp. myself next month...

  2. Wow Some of these shots are not just OK but GREAT actually!
    Especially the second pic where the sun nicely shone on the birds.
    I saw a flock coming to drink sea water like this once in the southern part of Beppu, but haven't got the time to explore more around that area. Guess I need to visit there more often!

  3. Very interesting and colorfull pigeon! Great shots ;)

  4. Excellent post Stu. These pigeons are awesome and you got nice pictures..... Here the season is definitively ending! No birds are seen at the moment!

  5. Some really good pics of the pigeons Stu. They are a really stunnning colour but how interesting about them using the shore like that.

  6. I didn't even know that Japanese green pigeons existed - what a great introduction. I especially like the next to last pigeon shot because you can see all the colors so well. What amazes me is that they are so well-groomed. I didn't see a single feather out of place on any of them. Not often you see pigeons at the shore ...


  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    They certainly look better than town pigeons............

    There are lots of colourful species of pigeon around the world but most seem to be very shy and to hide in the foliage. This particular kind is certainly shy like that but the fact they need seawater means they have to leave the treetops sometimes at least..........

  8. Nice pics... I think birds silhouetted against a grey sky are nearly impossible to get decent shots of...

  9. I like the second one from top.
    I prefer BIFs in good light againt blue skies.
    We have three species of Green Pigeons here, and I am yet to attempt BIFs of them.


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