13 July 2010

Some good news for a change..........

So July has been pretty nasty. England's awful World Cup, non-stop construction noise, wet overcast weather and a flare up of gout in my big toe has left my nerves shredded.

But today I checked the letterbox and there was something from a big Japanese camera chain.  Junk mail? No! The above photo (a Spectacled Guilemot from January 2009 in one of the local harbours) has won first prize in a national photo contest. I sent it off to the amateur section and it won one of the 3 categories (nature I think but I actually can't recall which one exactly).

I had entered the photo several months ago and had totally forgotten about it. The prize money is a rather tasty ¥100,000 (a little over US$1000). It'll start my savings towards either a Canon 300 F2.8 or 500 F4 next year..................

Sometimes life throws us a few nice things. Not often I know.

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  1. Wow Congratulations!
    Hope you'll be able to get a new lens soon.

  2. Thanks Unravel, it'll be a while yet I'm sorry to say...........

  3. Congratulations!!
    It is a beautiful photo.

    If you buy a new lens, you should win the prize at least four times more.

    I hope you will use a new lens in our cruise.

  4. Well done Stu. It's great the way you captured those different colours and textures.

  5. Congratulations Stu, a very nice image it is too!

  6. wow, Stuart that's an amazing picture.. well done.. you can bring me a nice bottle of single malt back at Christmas now!

    will cath up properly at the weekend..

  7. Good job, Stu! It is a great image of the Guilemot and nicely composed. I particularly like how the the shadow at the top is scalloped along its lower edge.


  8. Congrats Stu!! You deserved it with this nice pictures and all the nice others you've been taking!! THe new lens is almost at the front door already ;-)

  9. Very well deserved, this images is very nice! Keep up the great work ;)

  10. Thanks for all the kind comments, the prize money is about 17% of the cost of a 300 F2.8 or 12% of a 500 F4..........it's a start at least.......

  11. Congratulations!! Well deserved for a great image and an interesting bird


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