5 July 2010

On this day (July 5th)....................

Cattle Egret

July 5th 2009.

Cattle Egret in summer plumage just outside Kamiso. 

Not a great photo but a nice find, this one (like most egrets) is fairly scarce in Hokkaido. I've seen many of these around the world but this was only my second in Hokkaido..........although I saw my third yesterday near Onuma. This has been the only one in summer colours. I've seen this species in great numbers all over the world but it seems kind of exotic here in Hokkaido.

I use these 'on this day' posts to pad out my blog a bit, to recycle older photos and also steer a few people to my 2 photo sites. I thought I'd do a few posts in advance for July and publish them later so I looked through old photos etc and there basically is nothing else of much interest from the last 4 Julys.................just goes to show what a quiet month it is in this part of the world

I'm looking forward to autumn already.



  1. Congrats, that's a nice sighting for your place... Well done... Why do you say it is not a great picture, I like it when it is presented in its environment like this...

  2. Hi Chris, it would have been nice to get a bit closer I suppose........

  3. That egret really is in summer plumage, very colourful. Another 7-14 days and autumn will be in full swing here I reckon, especially if we get the usual tail end of US hurricanes.

  4. I agree with Chris, image's of bird in their environnement are nice. This image is good one ;)

  5. Good compositionm, Stu. I too like to show a bit of the habitat when ever possible. Our 100-400 is perfect for it!

  6. The surrounding looks like a paddy field,reminds me of my own place. Nice photo!

  7. Hi Amlla, it is indeed a paddy field....................


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