16 September 2010

Another day on the beach

Another day off and another day on the beach at Kamiiso. I didn't find any rare waders but I did find a very tame Bar Tailed Godwit.

I had a lot of time and it wasn't going anywhere so I took some wobbly handheld video. Apologies for the ropey sound quality.

Bar Tailed Godwit from Stuart Price on Vimeo.

It tended to feed higher up the beach than the Red Necked Stints, that long bill comes in very handy I guess.

Lots of pictures of the same bird but it's not a bird I usually get close to.............

There were 6 species of wader; Greenshank, Grey Tailed Tattler, Whimbrel and of course lots of Red Necked Stints. Again............

Forgive me for posting so many Stint shots, they come and go pretty quickly and are a very photogenic bird indeed.

I was hoping to find something interesting with the Stints. Last week in Hakodate other folk saw Curlew Sandpiper and Red Necked Pharalope with the Stint flocks, today all I could find was Mongolian Plover (these seem very numerous this year).

I stuck around until late afternoon to catch the Godwit in nice light. You can see it catching little worms here............

There were 4 species of Heron around. Grey Heron, Great Egret, Black Crowned Night Heron and this lone Little Egret, another bird I don't often get to photograph up here in Hokkaido.

And the Ospreys are still around.

Thanks for clicking this link.


I watched the latest 'Robin Hood' movie last night. Wow, talk about dodgy accents and wild historical inaccuracies.................


  1. Great shots of the godwit!
    I don't understand why waders in Japan are so tame comparing to the ones in Thailand. We get much more birds down here but they won't let us get any closer than 100m....

  2. Nice to see that Bar-tailed Godwit. Great shots!
    And keep those stint shots coming. Should watch the Robin Hood movie. I used to love it as a kid.

  3. Hi Unravel, yes they can be tame, it helps around here the beaches are so tiny meaning that they are fairly close if you approach carefully.....

    Hi Galllcissa, it is a modern 'interpretation' of Robin Hood. As a native Englishman the accents are a joke and they take a lot of liberties with historical facts, presumably to fit in with contemporary American politics and PCness..........

  4. Superb pictures of the "tame" godwits Stu.I dont need to tell you they are anything but tame on the Ribble and in Morecambe Bay. Super stints and plover again.

  5. Very impressive serie of images. I love that video, give us a better idea of the bird's behavior ;)

  6. I love the picture of the Osprey


    happy birthday

    love from mum


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