21 November 2010

On this day (November 21st)....................

November 21st 2007.

A Hawfinch in the park near my apartment after an early bite of wintry weather.

They tend to be much commoner from midwinter onwards when large numbers from mainland Asia arrive in Japan, I guess this may have been a local one.

This was taken with a 70-300 lens.



  1. Nice shot Stu. I like it. and the post yesterday as well.

  2. Great shot, funny with the snow on its beak!

  3. Birds in snow!!!! That's something that's tottaly foreign to me. Does the cold affect your gear at all?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Hi Mark: the cold can make batteries run down faster and if you go from very cold to very warm (from outside on a very cold day to inside a well heated house for example) the lens can sometimes get fogged up...........

  5. Splendid shot. I'll make a deal, give me this guy and I will send you as many waxwing as you want. That's a bird I've never seen!

  6. I still haven't seen any Hawfinch down here, but there's been an influx of Siskin since the weekend. A lifer for me actually....

  7. Hi Unravel/Chris, come to Hokkaido, there's always loads of 'em in winter...........


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