25 November 2010

On this day (November 25th)...........

Varied Tit

November 25th 2007.

A Varied Tit, one of the tame ones at Onuma.

I got my lens 3 years ago today, actually it was only lent to me at first but I ended up buying it several months later. This was the first real shot I took with it and this Nuthatch was just a few clicks later.......

Eurasian Nuthatch

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  1. Two very nic e shot Stu. The Varied Tit is a very nice and unique bird! :)

  2. These are two beautiful shots Stu. I remember when I found your blog and many post with varied tit pictures that I loved a lot... Did not change sir, I still love your varied tit pictures!

  3. Varied Tit and Nuthatch... and then you were HOOKED !

    I see Dragonair (and maybe others) have direct flights from Sapporo to HK... if you do come I'll be pleased to show you the sights !


  4. Your Varied Tit photos are the best among the internet I think! Hope things get better for you very soon! So you'll be able to share us some great new stuffs ;)

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    John-I may have some airmiles to use next year!

    Chris-thanks, yes it is a very photogenic bird.......

    Unravel-thanks very much, I go to hospital tomorrow to get this thing checked, hopefully I can be up and about ASAP. Basically I feel fine except I can't walk for any distance without a lot of pain.............


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