16 November 2010

On this day (November 16th)....................

November 16th 2007.

An adult Thayers Gull on the river near my apartment. This bird was present for at least 4 winters but didn't return for the 2009/10 winter, hopefully it or another one will return this year. This pose shows its distinctive wing pattern.

It is a pretty scarce but regular visitor to Japan and is one of the many 'new' Gull species to have emerged over the last 20 or so years.



  1. Nice sighting and nice shot Stu... We got one this spring around Iceland too.
    Ready for the tomorrow game ;-)

  2. I do hope your bird finally returned or that you get a new one.

  3. Thanks for the comments..........

    Chris-England were awful by all accounts but hey it was only a friendly, everyone knows the average French player is a lot more skillful than the average English one...................so the result isn't so surprising. We did manage to trash Belarus last year though!

    Hi Abe, looks like that bird isn't coming back. It may well have died but I prefer to think it is taking its winter vacation in a nicer spot maybe with a female in tow.........


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