12 November 2010

A very very slow week

A nothing kind of week: crappy weather and busy work days meant very few photo opps. This Falcated Duck was the only noteworthy species of the week, shame it wasn't a male in full colours.

This was on the moat in Goryokaku Park. There were also 6 Wigeon and a Coot in amongst all the Spotbilled Ducks. The centre of the park (which has often held interesting birds in this season) is off limits due to 'construction'. Dunno why, there was nobody doing anything anywhere in sight. It did take them four years (and counting) to build a reconstruction of an old building: was not only a staggering waste of money but it has also meant I haven't been able to do much birding there either.

Am currently watching 'Stoned', a movie about Brian Jones that isn't too bad..............

Hope the weather is OK on Sunday but the forecast doesn't look too good............

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  1. Crappy weather there and you're coming over to UK too? Join the club Stu

  2. Hmm I'm still looking for a Falcated here in Beppu. There was a record here last March, but I didn't see it. Gotta look for it harder. It's getting cloudy and somewhat misty down here as well. Hope this crappy weather brings in some strange vagrants to the city.

  3. Falcated Teal have become very rare in HK, due to milder winters it seems they're not getting this far south in China any more... anyway, even a female would cause a stir here !

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    They aren't so common here either, I see 2 or 3 a year I guess. I only ever see the stunning drakes at a distance though.........


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