28 June 2010

Well F****** Hell

Excuse my filthy language and cusswords.

Just watched England get thrashed 4-1. Oh dear. What a f***ing downer. 

Still, FWIW I got some nice Black Browed Reed Warbler shots today.

Actually I'm almost glad it was 4-1 or else we'd be debating Lampard's 'goal' for years to come.

I swore a lot during the came and called Klose a 'weasel faced German c**t' after the first goal, that had my wife scratching her head.

Until Germany's 3rd goal I thought we still had a good chance although I fully admit Germany looked a different class for about 75% of the game.

This pic was with a 1.4 T/C.

And here's a video I took, also with the 1.4 T/C.

Why is football always so disappointing?

Maybe I should stop caring about such trivial nonsense. I promise football will not be mentioned on this blog for a long long time.

I found a place where Japanese Green Pigeons come down to drink seawater.

I will return here again to get a decent shot of what is quite a stunning bird.

The lotus are out at Onuma, here's a photo of one I played around with in Photoshop.

It was really hot today, summer has arrived.

So think of me going to bed drunk and bitterly disappointed and sure to be woken up by construction work at 8am tomorrow. 

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  1. Ditto coment for match result. V Poor.
    Green pigeons in general are lush.

  2. Wow the Japanese Green pigeon is a beautiful bird... Nice captures you got there today and sorry for England, at least they went out of the group.

  3. Cheer up Stu, it's only a game not a matter of life and death !! or did the sage once say "it's more important than that"??

  4. Very sorry Stu, but hey the pigeons are great.

  5. It's now 8:34am, I am at work and wondering why I stayed up to watch the game. The pigeons are great as too are the warblers.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments, I'll get over it (I've had plenty of practice).

    Like I say all I have to do is teach myself not to care.

    Losing 4-1 is so embarrassing though.................I have to train my mind not to think about it. Ever again.

  7. Sorry for you lost game! Everyone is talking about that goal even here! Those images are very nice!

  8. Pity about the World Cup campaign.
    I've just seen "The Damned United" (about Brian Clough's 44 days at Leeds) and recommend it highly !

    ALL green pigeons are great !

  9. Hi John, yes I saw that movie, it's pretty good.

    Maybe one day they'll make a movie about England's failed World Cup campaign...........................we could do with a good laugh.

  10. Well those photos are still stunning though
    I really love the video! The bird looks so tame and cute and there are so many voices of birds singing in it.

  11. Stu, i think you are correct. Your Japanese Green Pigeons are much more interesting and colourful than the boring tw#ts in the England football team.

  12. Hi,I came across your blog through Gallicissa,and I'm glad that I did. Truly wonderful blog,ten out of ten points for the amazing video in this post!

  13. 4-1.
    In the world cup...in such a big game.
    I am sorry I didn't mean to rub it in.
    But, holly molly!

    Yes, England was unfortunate not to get that Lampard goal. That would have given you some much needed momentum. It is high time they used technology to review refrees' decisions in football.

    Anyway, you should be glad that it wasn't 4-0 as a certain world cup favourite team found out. This world cup will be remembered for all its big upsets.

    Who do you support now?
    My money is on Deutschland.

  14. Hi Galllicissa, I'm just trying to forget about it.....................thanks for reminding me!

    Germany look like a good safe bet as winner. My personal preference would be Holland but they don't look as good as either Germany or Spain.


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