30 June 2010

Slow time approaching.........

A female Red Cheeked Starling in the bushes along the river this afternoon. The young have left the nests and large noisy groups of them were everywhere.

I have no idea where they find these cherries, someone's garden is being pilfered I guess.

I didn't get any decent shots of juveniles, they were all hidden in the undergrowth. The adults were more co-operative however.

So now the slow time is approaching.  Most birds will stop singing soon and concentrate on raising their young. From about the second week in July there won't be much to see or photograph until the waders start to pass through in mid August. A Night Heron or two on the river perhaps but that's about all....................

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  1. Already a slow time here. I haven't seen this species of starling here for about a month. You got some nice behavoural pics. Goshawk chicks fledged here about two weeks ago but I didn't get many pics. Actually haven't had much time to explore or edit the pics I have either.

  2. Great serie! Here to, the slow time is comming...and its the time where i have time to take images :( We will have to look harder to find good shots ;) Keep on shooting!

  3. Great photos of the starlings again!
    It's been quiet here for many weeks, except for the White-cheeked Starlings which were also in quite a big number similar to your Red-cheeked. The only difference is yours are much more colourful.

  4. Hi Unravel, Grey (White Cheeked) Starlings seem much scarcer up here, in fact I only have a single photo on this blog over the last 3 1/2 years..........

  5. Hi Stu,
    These birds are so cool and nice shots you got... here too, the season has been quite quick and the birds are becoming rarer and rarer! I've not seen anything the two times i went out this week! Even some ducks are already turning into their winter plumage !!!

  6. Slow time here too Stu. In fact its bloody hard times as we birders wish our lives away for the autumn brown jobs and waders.

  7. Hi Stu,
    Can you send me your e-mail address sometime please (bushbird (at) btinternet (dot) com). Ta.

  8. Hi Stuart!
    It's been a while, not great times for me in the past months, but I'm trying to catch up.
    I'm sure you'll manage to photograph something before the waders, don't worry :)
    Take care!

  9. Of these shots, my vote goes to the last one.
    I like its background, and I like it because of its background.

  10. Hi Galllcissa, I agree with you but they do have a tendency to perch atop the bushes a lot..........


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