25 June 2010

On this day (June 25th)....................

June 25th 2008.

Little Ringed Plover at Kikonai. This is a common summer visitor and can be seen in suitable habitat across the whole of south Hokkaido: it and Common Sandpiper are pretty much the only locally breeding waders in these here parts...........



  1. Nice shot. The yellow ring around the eye looks great.

  2. Nice One. Very clear focus against that green background.

  3. Nice and clean image. Love the bg.

    Please consider to help us by submitting known nesting record(s) of shorebirds, including this species from your our visited area(s). Our Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project is seeking for contributors. Bird photographers make excellent job finding nesting locations of shorebirds. I would much appreciate to see your record in our database. Should you have any nesting data of other species don't hesitate to add them. :)

    Please make a visit and add you record if you have time. www.worldwaders.org

    Cheers, Szimi

  4. Hi Szimi, unfortunately this was 2 years ago, the spot where they nested has since been built on.........


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