26 June 2010

The Sound of Summer

The sound of a Hokkaido summer.

No it's not that Black Faced Bunting above. It's this, right outside my apartment for 10 hours a day.

I think I'd prefer to live next door to a vuvuzela testing facility, it'd be more peaceful.

Japanese construction workers head my list of least favourite people at the moment.

There's an election next month so that means morons will drive around the neighborhood blasting out propaganda soon too. Nice. Sometimes I question why I live here.

It was very warm today and I headed out to escape the racket. Not much around to be honest. the most noticeable species was Red Cheeked Starling. The young have left the nest and small family groups of them are everywhere..................

This male seemed to have found a cherry tree somewhere.......

So England made it to the 2nd Round, I had my doubts but thought they looked OK against the might of Slovenia. At least our potential route to the final (!) involves two 11pm kick offs....................

So think of me on Sunday, on the other side of the world. slightly drunk and screaming impotently at a TV. And say a prayer or two for England's wobbly progress to continue.

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  1. Sorry to hear that your neighbourhood is still noisy!

    During the last cricket finals we had here, I experimented a new approach for watching sports on TV. That was to do a strength training workout while watching it. The ad breaks and other interruptions to the game gave enough time to concentrate on the excercises more. In the end, we lost the match, but at least I was not wasted and desolate! I thought it helped to deal with the stress too, as wickets started tumbling and a defeat seemed inevitable. And I was fit and ready to save the world. If that was needed. :)

  2. I know what you mean! Some peace would be nice! We are surrounded by big barking dogs, that all go crazy and bark for hours in the middle of the night. Plus bloody cats that come into the garden. I trod in fresh cat shit again yesterday while digging in some plants!

  3. Now I understand how noisy the construction around your place is.
    By the way, both the bunting and starling look great as usual!

  4. Thanks for your comments, they are slicing through concrete as I type this and have been doing so since 8am. I have to say inside and work today. It's the hottest day of the year so far so all the windows have to be wide open (no aircon in Hokkaido!). I tried earplugs, my ipod, nothing can drown that noise out. Nothing.

    Gallicissa, I'll try doing some push ups when the Germans are rolling around on the floor faking injuries........

  5. Oh the first time for me to know that there's no aircon in Hokkaido!

  6. Hi Unravel, well only a few people have it but most people don't..............

  7. Commisserations Stu. You sound pretty fed up but at least your birding keeps you sane, unlike the plonkers out there.

  8. The red-cheeked starling is marvelous. Nice. The construction work is a nightmare to have to live beside it.

    When I was over there in the early 1950s, all the politics was done by groups of people. Nobody had the cars or trucks to drive around so they used groups of people for everything. All made up, blowing horns and ringing bells and shouting slogans. It was all new to me.

  9. Hi Stu,
    Sorry for the noise around your apartment and yes I guess it is worth that a nightingale nice song in the morning. Your starling are beautiful!
    Well you know who England meets, so that's gonna be hard man, but let's hope they will do it...

  10. Hi Abe, they are still shouting the same slogans I'm sure.

    Hi Chris, sorry about France's World Cup (but I can't wait to hear what really happened, maybe they'll make a movie about it!), I really hope England win tonight, it'll take my mind off that construction noise for a few days at least.


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