10 June 2010

Asian House Martin

An Asian House Martin collecting nestbuilding materials on the river near my apartment yesterday.

I took this handheld video. Click on 'vimeo' for the HD version.

Housebuilding of another kind is currently driving me nuts, the construction noise outside my living room window as I type is deafening.

Some birds have already bred, baby ducks and crows are all over the place and a family of Oriental Greenfinches landed near the martins.

I've seen an adult Night Heron the last couple of days, hopefully there will be some young ones to photograph soon. Lots of Red Cheeked Starling activity in the centre of the bushes, again hopefully the young will be out and about on a few days too.

The Oriental Reed Warblers are still singing their hearts out.

I did manage to catch this one in a slightly different pose..............

So only one day to go until the World Cup begins...............the torture of watching England is just over 48 hours away..........

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  1. Nice images again! The red warbler is so nicely captured ;)

  2. Great set of photos again as usual!
    Love the martins, especially the first picture. They seem to be much more approachable than the swallows around here.

  3. Nice pictures of the House Martins. I find our are much more approachable when they are engrossed in collecting nest material.

  4. hey Stu, great pics as usual.hope watching England isn't too painful Derek B

  5. Hi Derek, I really hope it isn't too painful too........


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