18 June 2010

Summer begins

Hot muggy overcast summer weather arrived this week in Hakodate.

The Asian House Martins are still nestbuilding......

They don't mind getting mucky...........

Fairly quiet last week, I didn't get out much. Just the regular sumer birds about now anyway. The Oriental Reed Warblers are still singing.

Not much else around, Chestnut Eared and Black Faced Buntings, Red Cheeked Starlings. That's about it.

I just watched Serbia beating Germany (my god Germans miss penalties sometimes). After France and Spain both had nightmare results I feel a little better about England...............doesn't mean I'm not dreading tonight's game though. A couple of early goals in a 3-0 victory would be nice. Rooney (2) and Crouch (on as a sub) to score. Yes, that sounds good.

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  1. Wow the swallow set is awesome mate. What a beautiful series.
    Concerning the soccer, yeh well I guess this is gonna be a surprising championship, so maybe you have to be worried a bit more about England ;-)

  2. I am always worried when I watch England Chris.

  3. You're getting some great ORW shots!

  4. Great martin shots!
    I've only seen this bird once in Beppu and I couldn't take any photo of it.


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